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Overview of Link Popularity
Link popularity represents of the total number of web-pages which link to a given webpage. These results can vary greatly for each major search engine depending on how and when websites were crawled last. Additionally, some search engines, primarily Google, use filters against many incoming links Our tool will query all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AlltheWeb, Hotbot, and AltaVista) for the website or webpage entered into the form. It will return the total number of links for each URL.

The Significance of Link Popularity
The number and quality of inbound links is a major factor used by search engines affecting a site's position in search results. In most cases the more inbound links a site has the higher it will be positioned on a search engine compared to a similar site. This tool is a great way to check your siteís link popularity, as well as your competitorís.

Link Popularity

Link Popularity Report by Curve2 Design
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