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Hosted Marketing Pages.

Hosted Marketing pages also call presell-pages, content hosting or advertorials, can be the most effective way to draw additional visitors to your site and make more sales. Basically, a Hosted Marketing page is placement of your relevant ad copy, containing text links to your site (max. 5), which means a general higher value of the links. The higher value of the links in the search engines perspective is because of the relevant text that your link is embedded in. You gain additional value because of the natural linking patern and domain page rank that your content appears on. Also, this is one more page, indexed by the search engines, that contains your marketing message.

Additionally, the hosted advertorial page will be linked from within our directory from a relavent category using your title and primary keywords thus giving it a natural theme.

On your marketing page you determine all the main content! Your can page you can contain up to 5 links to your site's main and sub page urls, enhancing different topics or categories of your business at the same time. Secondly, as previously mentioned there is a good chance that your presell page itself will rank high as well for your keywords of choice (most of our Hosted Marketing Page rank PR3 or better when Google updates). This is a second traffic entry point to your site for your potential customers!

The SEO value of Hosted Marketing Pages far outweigh that of single keyword text link. SEO industry experts agree: Hosted Marketing Pages are the future of search engine optimization and provide a far greater weight toward increasing your sites exposure.

What you Get:
  • You describe your offer using 4 - 6 paragraphs using your your topic and keywords. (Sales Copy can be written for you)
  • You embed your links (up to 5) anywhere in text in the middle of paragraphs.
  • Your page gets posted under our "Freatured Articles" for maximum exposure.
  • An additional link to your marketing page will be featured in the relavant category in our directory for a natural relavant internal link.

Price: Our Hosted Marketing Pages are available for a limited time for a mere $12 monthly paypal subscription (Additional $20 applies if we write the sales copy)

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